domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007


Hi kids,

As you know , on Wednesday 14th, there is no school, so I want to remind you of the homework.

1- 7c-d: Study for the test on Wednesday 21st. It is about Unit 6. going to , want to and simple past.
2-7a-b-c-d: post comments on Environment. Use must and mustn't. try to remember some of the advices they give( consejos)
3-7a-b-c-d: study che guevara, German Reunification, halloween and I will be asking you about environment too. I am going to ask you about all the videos that I posted , they are for you and they are fun, some are funnier than others but it is important that you work on them.
4- 7a-b-c-d: Epals: Remember to answer all the emails and write on a world map where your epals are. Choose two children and ask them them the questions that are on this blog under the heading EPALS. You must hand in this the first week of December.
5- visit the blog:

That's all kids,

have a nice week and we will meet on Friday,


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