lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

Tourism in Argentina

You work in a travel agency and you job is to convince people to come to Argentina and visit all the touristic places :

1- divide in groups:
There will be 8 groups, each with a different region of Argentina:
1- city of Buenos Aires
2-Iguazu Falls
5- Bariloche
7- Puerto Madryn
8- Calafate and Ushuaia

2- Collect relevant information about it:

Location, means of transport, cost. Most important places to visit.

3- Do a ppt( Powerpoint Presentation). you will be showing and explaining about it to all your classmates and we will do a webcast with foreign students so as to invite them to visit our beautiful Argentina!!!

The presentation must have between 4and 7 slides.

The first slide must include information about the location of the region. Where it is, how you get there, how much it costs if you go by bus, train, plane.
good work!!!